Jan 2, 2012

Star Wars Configuration Box

As a huge Star Wars fan I just had to treat myself to a Star Wars configuration box.   Additional small boxes were used to build the hinged side panels.  All toys used in the making were all mine.

Displayed on top of the box is a small replica of Anakin Skywalker's light saber which comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Front view of my Star Wars box.

Here is the heart of the box.  It's a Hallmark video card made for "Father's Day".
It plays a 1 minute video clips of the movie.  As soon as I laid eyes on it I knew what I was going to create with it.
The rest was easy since I already had all my toys, paper & Tim Holtz' goodies.   Yes, the toys were all mine.  I'm a collector and have lots of Star Wars toys still in their original packaging.  Enjoy and I hope this helps inspire many of you.  Comments are welcomed.

Left side panel.

Right side panel.

A closer look at my favorite compartment.  It hurt to cut up C3PO but the finished product was extremely rewarding especially when all the Tim Holtz Spocket Gears and mesh came together.  I just love it!

This is my favorite character of them all.  Master Yoda it was not, nor Lord Vader or even Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker.... Bobba Fett the bounty hunter was he.  (he is the one to the right in green) .  If you are familiar with the episodes and if I recall correctly, he only has one line of maybe 2-3 words in the entire movie.  The one on the left in blue is Jango Fett who is father to Bobba Fett.   Had to share some history to shed some light on my obsession with Star Wars.

 This is an actual seen from one of the Star Wars episodes where they are battling on the planet Hoth.  It was fun creating this scene with Aleene's True Snow and a tiny pine tree from the mini xmas ornament collections.

This is the Millenium Falcon and X-Wing Fighter ships near the Death Star which they found to be operational and discovered they were ambushed. 

Here is the Death Star I created the compartment with black metallic paper and glued small crystals on the floor to help illuminate the flickering tea light that I placed behind the box itself. 
(see picture at the bottom)

Here is the Hallmark Star Wars video card which I inserted into the configuration box.  The tiny button below the screen plays the video clip.  It's pretty amazing to see it up close.  The video card itself opens up but there was not enough room and I thought it looked better closed.  Upper right corner is a  T.I.E. fighter aircraft hangs from the right with black wire which is bendable so I can change the look a bit. 
  Btw, the use of the Tea light was an idea I picked up from one of Tim Holtz' classes I took in the past.

These guys are micro size.  Master Yoda and Lord Vader and a really cool crystal ball-like with the words Star Wars in it.  I forgot where I got it from. 

A scene from Return of the Jedi when Princess Leia (my white shepherd's name) was caught by Jabba the Hutt.  She is chained to him and 4 bounty hunters are seen in the background.

Here is a view of the back of the configuration box. The Tea light on the bottom was colored black with a sharpie marker. A square section was cut out so the sound and the on/off button is accessible.