Jan 7, 2012

In Memory of My Best Friends

Britni was one of my best friends ever, I lost her in 2008.  A friend like no other. 
I miss her so much...
This layout was created on black American Craft cardstock. Chalk pencils were used to extend Britni's collar and neck area. White rub ons and butterflies were added.

Here is my favorite layout in her memory.

A photo of Britni was cut out in a circle.  If you look closely you will see that the lower part of the tree behind was extended onto the base 12x12 page by using colored pencils.  Each leaf was punched out using Martha Stewarts' punch.   Every single leaf was distressed and veins were drawn into them using a micro pen and the doves were from Jolee's Sticker collection.  The Rainbow Bridge poem I pulled off the internet.  On the upper left hand corner I drew my version of "the rainbow bridge" in the heavenly clouds with a rainbow over it.  I forgot what the white glittered rays and clouds are called.
If you look closely there a small patches of grass that I created by cutting super thin slivers of green paper/card stock with my scissors.  This idea came to me when a friend of mine (Jocelyne) was showing me a new paper cutter she had purchased and she was cutting thin slivers that curled a bit as they were being cut.  I loved the cutter, but I loved the idea that it brought to me even more.  Since then, I've been sharing that idea with my friends and students.

This is where I used colored pencils to extend the tree from the photograph.  Many who have seen this layout ever notice it.

Always missing you Britni...