Mar 23, 2012


"An Oldie but Goodie"
This will always be a memorable page.  It was during scrapbooking month (May) that Martha Stewart had a week long segment on scrapbooking.  Bring down your best pages she said.  Some of us did, some didn't.   The camera crew interviewed the ones they thought would broadcast.  They asked us if we would be willing to be interviewed on camera.  
Upon entering the set, I was all the way at the last row with a bunch of buddies.  I saw the camera person who interviewed me go all the way up to me and asked me if it was okay for M.S. to see my book.  I was flattered of course that was enough to make my day happier.  They came back with my book and they wanted to use it on camera but for one simple reason they didn't.  What do you think was the reason,  just by looking at this one layout page?  

A quick brief on how I created the page.  I used hand made paper made of elephant poop (recycle that one), that I purchased at a Scrapbooking Expo.  As you can see I also used the tearing technique for the foreground  The tree was intirely created by myself, it was a plain piece of beige paper.  I added all the details, apples included. The Ivy leaves on the top were actually a Jolee piece as well as the tree in the background and the cricket (if you can find him).
The grass was a cricut cartridge.  The boulder I created myself also.  The main monkey, scarecrow, crow and the flying monkeys in the background were downloaded images onto white cardstock with the exception of the monkies in the background.  I cut them each out and did all the embellishing and coloring.  The monkies in the background were printed onto Transparency paper for an inkjet printer.  You can purchase this at Staples or Office Max by the box (can be pricey splitting a box would be a good idea).  I also used raffa for the scarecrow.  I cut that scarecrow up and threw him everywhere. 


I am so tempted to re-do this layout and bring it up to date with.... what else?  I want to Tim-itized the heck out of it!   The juices are flowing!

I want to send kudos to Gina Grotchfeld because she was the one who clued us in on the Martha Stewart Show and it was around her birthday.  It was also Gina that was present when I was approached by MS's Creative Director regarding my work and style.
Thank you Gina and all the ladies that were there... you know who you are.  It was a fun filled day all around.  It was nice to know that all the security guards they had there were mostly retired NYPD officers.   I was a happy camper all around.
Now, does anyone know why my layout did not make it? 
Btw, the fact that MS saw my layout was gratifying.
"They say good things come to those who wait..."


Nancy said...

I remember that day but I forgot they wouldn't use the page! Was it because the Scarecrow was torn apart?

Rett said...

Copyright issues?

Manu Mamma said...

Hi Ivette,
I have no idea of why... but let me say that your page is WONDERFUL!!
Huge Hugs from Italy

Cozy Crop House said...

Was it because there are no places for photos?

n1sunrider said...

Kate from the Cozy Crop House had the correct answer. It's because I didn't have a place to put a photo.
Never again have I left a page w/o a place to put a photo.