Mar 9, 2012


Gloria was created during one of my darkest 27 straight hrs.  There was no stopping me.  The real Gloria was my half sister who passed on almost a year ago due to colon cancer.  She is missed...
Here is my Gloria Chic she is ALL about Tim.

Tim Holtz's Sewing Room Die was cut out of 2 pieces of black "pleather" looks like leather.  A chipboard piece was also cut for firmness.  She was seamed by using Tim's Tiny Attacher staples and she was stuffed with cotton and small pieces of sponges to give her a better figure.  Her boobies are made of Tim's Trinket Pins which are pushed into her body.  For some reason Madonna came to mind.
Can you see what her arms are made of?

Her shoulders and head are Tim's Sprocket Gears held together with Tim's Foliage (painted with a red #R29 Copic pen).  A long fastener was used to keep foliage attached to the back of her head.
 (Even in Steampunk she looks like a rebel).

Tim's smallest Bauble Pearl and his Bead Chain were used as her necklace as well as the Bead Chain  around her waist.  Tim's Paper Stash Retro Grunge was used to cover the box.  The top of the box was covered with the "pleather" which is the same  material used on her dress.   FYI:  The "pleather" material was purchased at Wal-Mart and it was on their discounted area in the sewing section.

Her arms were Hanger Clips opened up.  How's that for a cool tip?  Her ponytail was made of black and red wire.
Tim's smallest Game Spinner were used as embellishments for the bottom of her dress.  Her purse is one of Tim's Key Holes on it's side.  I used 2 links of Tim's Link Chain for both sides of the holes.  I then twisted red wire to use as her strap. She stands strong...

A side view of Gloria as well as a closer look at her purse strap which I painted using my Red R29.

6" Screw & Nutbolt through the top of the box which is made of paper mache' and through a TH Ornate Plate.  Flexible screen/mesh  (purchased at any hardware store) was wrapped around the screw and secured with black wire.
Tim's Film Strip Ribbon was used around the bottom area.
She is definitely a Leader with no room for weakness.  Need more information, contact me and I will gladly give it to you. 
She's missing something and I know exactly what it is.  It's a matter of finding it, or making it, actually she's missing a couple of things.  She needs few things more. 
Stay tuned for more surprises follow...


Sherri Caramico said...

LOVE IT!! soo very very cool! Especially the purse! Thanks for sharing!

Anita Houston said...

Literally one of the most awesome projects (actually a tribute) I've ever seen!!! The story was beautiful and Gloria is an inspiration! Thank you for sharing!

Marjie Kemper said...

Wow, Ivette, this is a fantastic creation and what a wonderful tribute! I love how you did the arms with the mini hangers (so creative!), her purse, etc. Love it! Have just become your new follower.

Manu Mamma said...

Ivette, this creation is absolutely awesome and we can feel Gloria by your tribute!
I love your way of create. I love how you use gears, metal and TH stuff and how you bring them to life.
Thanks for sharing!