Mar 13, 2012

Panel No. 1

Branch Tree w/ Painted Baubles 

 Man this guy is cool.

Photos/Journaling can be placed underneath the flap that the crow is on.  Mini key in mouth and a Recollections purple crystal/bling for the eye.


Complete Panel #1 

This one is for Rett. 

* Sneak Peek *
More in a few...
Follow me.... it only gets better than this...      ;  )


Rett said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! This is awesome! Awesome, I tell ya! You're giving Tim a run for his money. All of the work you've put into this one piece shows..there's so many things to oogle over!
*Big applause*

Sarah Dineen said...

Ivette...all I can say is ABSOLUTELY amazing!! You never cease to amaze me with your dreativity...Yes, I am jealous and not afraid to admit it!!!!

Theresa said...

Beautiful,truly amazing and totally awesome! You rock!! All the detail work makes me want to be you when I grow up! TFS.