Mar 23, 2012

Pooh & Friends Layout

Several Cricut Cartridges Were Used.

The hot air balloons were hand designed and cut by myself.  It has enough space for a total of 8 photos.    The boulder by Tigger is also hand made by me as well as the patchy grass you see throughout the layout my "sliver" technique.  Birds in the background are from Stampscapes.  Cloud paper from Mikes

This layout is was created sometime in 2008.
This was  created in 2008.  When there was any "Core'lations" around.  The little boy in the photo is my one and only son, my precious gem who is now 25 y.o. Kyle.  

All coloring on fence and ground, etc.  I did myself with color pencils.

Most of the characters were but out of "Sugar" paper.  Never heard of it??  A must have!  I've always loved the tearing of cardstock technique. 

The apples in the basket were cut out of the Wal-Mart metallic paper I often mention.  Can't get it anymore, glad I purchased 4-5 pads.  Still have some.  The boulder was hand made, wrinkle in hand to create texture and hit it up with some Modge Podge to get a slight matte look to it.
Balloons were made of textured cardstock, wire to connect the basket.



ctmhgirl said...

Ok this is an amazing layout. Love it!

ctmhgirl said...

Ok this is an amazing layout. Love it!

n1sunrider said...

Thank you!