Mar 14, 2012

Tim-itized Headless Horseman
The Headless Horseman's outline was from the Cricut Cartridge Oct. 31st (if I remember correctly). 

I broke in half a TH Nib Pen and made the horseman's armoured art., used Copic Pen to color the armoured arm.  I made the hair on the horse by using the grass making technique I mentioned a few posts back, which is to cut thin slithers of card stock which can make grass for ground cover.  If you do this enough times you will get good at it and you'll be cutting up everything for hair, plants, etc.
I then gave the horse a toupe' by using A/C black card stock.  I made sure I left room for his ear.  He even had a haircut.   Black enamel paint was used to soften the rough edges of the card stock.

 Is he fierce or what?  A true, total Timitizing transformation took place.  His bridle is a TH Mini Safety Pin, the reins are TH Chain Links tinted with Copic Pen, TH Heart Charm turned sideways and painted with AI Butterscotch, a TH Pen Nib was colored with Copic Pens which appears like a weapon.  I should have thrown a Lightsaber in there....  I colored small TH staples using a Copic Pen and with Tim's Tiny Attacher I stapled all around the horse, the horse's saddle which was stuffed and made of blk tulle.  The pumpkin was from Mikes A&C. and I used crackle on it. His cape was made of black tulle.  He was alot of fun.

The horse's tail was created by cutting several pieces of black wire, manipulated to make a fancy tail..  The gate was from TH's On the Fence Edge Die, smothered in Black Crackle and I sealed it by using a bit of Modge Podge.  The burgundy flowers coming through the gate looking fuzzy and soft is Flower Soft I made a few stems to add more texture and color the the sort of dark and gloomy area.  A Recollections Glittered Candy Corn was thrown in there, I made a few metallic flower stems coming through the fence.  Moss was used on the foreground, more Flower Soft, TH Foliage, a mini skeleton key in the Cat's mouth, a blue rhinestone/bling for the eye a purple collar was made of wire.  I like using wire it just flavors things up a bit more.  The Witching Hour cat was made of TH Grunge Paper, DIs used were Tea Dye, Blk Soot, and a dab of Mustard Seed.  TH Sprocket Gears also in the foreground.

A red wooden fence that I've had around for years was placed so that it appears to be on the right side of the horse, more depth, it appears to be a bit further behind the horse.  A burgundy dry flower I had was placed between the wooden red fence.

A side view of the lower half of Panel #2.  You can see the crackled effect on the black fence where Black Crackle was used.  A TH Accoutrement colored with Red and Black Copic Pen.
Was the Eye pleased with what it saw?  As always, more to come.  Become a Follower and leave your thoughts at my place. 
P.S. Can you tell I LOVE STEAMPUNK!


Ally White Cat said...

I love your original art...made me realize how much I had quit are inspirational and a true artisan muse.awesome!

susan s.

Lorna said...

WOW!!! This is fantastic! Love the creative use of the pen nibs especially - great piece, I love it!!

DK Spins said...

This is wonderful & fantastical, Ivette! I'm totally loving your mixed media style.

Rett said...

Do these ideas come easy to you? They're the headless horseman...and his horse!

Beth said...

OMG,,,,I love this layout! Now I can really check it out!