Mar 23, 2012


Dorothy & Toto
When this page was created there was no Tim Holtz gears, nor the rose ribbon on the bottom.  I added these on later.

No one can stand between the love a girl has for her best canine friend...

Before I go any further I would like to give props to those who deserve it.  One of my longtime scrapbooking buddy, Diane Roule.  It was the first class I ever took.   It was an entire book of the WOO.  It was she who inspired me to take these pages to another level.  Btw, you would love Diane's layouts.  She's out there with the big girls.
Thank You Diane.      ; )

The Good Witch - Glenda
Diane had some cutting that was not good at the time for my hands.  So, I went to Target and purchased these really neat cards put out by PaperHouse of the main characters.  From there I embellished with pearl brads, pink tulle, silver pipe cleaner for her wand and POPed the heck out of her.  I threw on a rhinestone to bring out her crown a bit more and some twinkling fibers behind her to give her that magical feel which I had purchased from Wellscrapmesilly's Judy.

Tin Man


Ally White Cat said...

wow what detail! I love your amazing art. You are all you create and that is wonderful!as is you art.

susan s.

Donna said...

Love these pages Ivette! I never saw these...they are awesome. I must see them in person.