May 22, 2012

TIM HOLTZ Absolutely Everything

         Road Trip - May 18-19th

 Tim, myself and Kate looking on in the background.

The "Magic Man" himself, Mario.  He has a special place in my heart...

The "Master" himself, Tim Holtz.

All Things Tim Group

Myself, Mario and the talented Marjie whom I fell in love with.  Glad we sat together.  Btw, I failed to mention that this photo belongs to Marjie.

A sample t-shirt of what my buddies and I wore.  The images were put together by my sister, Annie and I added our names (Donna, Ivette, Jocelyne and Maria) on the lower right titled, "Road Trip".  The girls and I were complimented on them.  Some asked where can they be purchased.     ;  )

Unforgettable Moment
One of my unforgettable moments with Tim.  Just to watch him point all the techniques and products that I had on my 3 page layout Halloween "Masterpiece" I created over a couple of months.  It all began when I got my hands on Tim's first series of the Fall Distress Inks.  These were white pages before I went to town on them with these inks.  Gotta love them Distress Inks. 
This was one of the goals I set out to accomplish this year.  Having Tim look at my work. 

My moment... 
My friend Donna and one of my other buddies took this photo.   Tim observed all the techniques I used and actually found all my hidden secrets, i.e. masked police shield, small house and 2 skeletons.  All stamps on this layout were Tim's works of art which are manufactured by the wonderful, Ted Cutts, owner of Stampers Anonymous.    ;  )   What an amazing moment for me... and my friend caught it all on camera.  I felt honored.  Only a Tim lover would and could appreciate this and understand it.   

Here is my buddy Donna, Mario, Kate (owner of AE) and Tim Holtz checking out my "Masterpiece".  Here he pointed to the "Mud Puddles" I used for the creek under the bridge.  My friend Donna really makes it extra special with the smile she has on her face.   I love my friends.   I am so proud of this piece of art work.  It is the best piece I've created yet.
On the left wearing the white blouse is fellow ATTer Terrie looking on with others as Tim demonstrated the new Eclipse machine.

Mario in the upper right background with Kate #2.  Kate's staff was remarkable and I know it was very tiring standing up and running back and forth.  They really had it together, I was highly impressed. 
Look at Tim's expression.  He was in such a great mood... everyone was!  The energy level in that room was captivating, thrilling and unforgettable.   It was awesome to see my friends Donna and Maria meet Tim and Mario for the first time.  The girls have grown to love Tim's work and products.  When I introduced Mario to them he hugged them both.  I took that as a pre-Timitizing moment... lol.  I LOVE Mario!  

Below are ATTers, lower left corner is Marjie, Julie, Karen (standing next to Julie wearing white) whom was a helper for AE and on the right is Rene, whe was nice.  She laughed at all my kidding around.  We were fortunate to have had a nice and friendly table.  What an amazing time this weekend was.  Spending all these hours creating with Tim Holtz,  Mario and friends!  REALLY.... can it get any better than that?  Not!!!
My friend Maria run the tonic package that was raffled off by Tim.  Actually, three out of the four of us won a raffle.  But, in my book, we are all winners!  Maria was also pre-Timitized by me, Tim officially Timitized her too!   Gotta love it!  I'm so proud of her.
Now here is my friend Jocelyne who almost hit the ceiling when they called out her raffle number.  I think she won the Distress Stains and re-inkers, not 100% sure on that one.  All of Tim's giveaways were awesome.  The one thing I didn't have that he was giving away was the one thing I wanted.  His Tim canvas messenger bag.  As he read out the numbers I said, 6 and that was the last digit number I needed.  I was thrilled! 

My dear friend Donna whom I've pre-Timitized was now officially Timitized by the Master himself.  A proud moment for her and me.  Just looking at her face you can tell how happy she was. 

At the ATT dinner in Suprinos restaurant.  Far right is our wonderful Patti, what a sweetheart!  Marjie who sat next to me for the weekend, we had some good laughs.  Yes Marjie, I love to laugh and make others laugh.  Libby is sitting next to Marjie (thanks Patti).     

From left to right, Heidi, Kathy, Kathie, Stacy Cook and my friend Maria.

Here are some pins I made, I was able to share some of them with my friends and our table.

 These were bottle caps, I printed some of Tim's pics I had from previous classes, punched them out with my 1" MS circle punch.  Used my copic markers to give it a vintage feel, added a pin to the back and they were good to go.

These pins were made out of shrink plastic which I purchased at Mike's, used my copic pens to add color, highlights and shade to give it dimension.

My Mario... yes, he's all mine... Mine, mine, mine! 
He was signing my apron for me.

Me at the dinner table with friends and ATTers

Don't know who this lady is but I think she gave Tim this vintage looking case with something neat inside of it because he just lit up like a xmas tree. 


Hetty said...

Thanks for sharin all these great pictures and your story. I wish
I could have been with you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these awesome photos. Made me feel (almost) like I was there too.
And your art that Tim was just wonderful!

inge said...

Hello Ivy,

As a regular international customer from Belgium of absolutely everything, I would have loved to be there ! With the crew of the shop, with Tim , with the ATT gang !

So I'm very pleased to be able to "be there" through your photos !

It's great you created a t-shirt for this event !
I can also imagine how thrilled you must be when Tim investigated your art piece !

I wish you had some close-ups of your piece so I can look at it too !

It seems you had a great time together : moments to cherish...

greetings from belgium

PattiA said...

It was so great to see you again Ivette. Your "masterpiece" truly is!
The photos don't do it justice, it was amazing to see it in person.
The lady in the dinner photo next to Marjie is Libby George.
Can't wait to see what you create next!

Marjie Kemper said...

What an awesome post! You have the BEST pics, Ivette! I'm so happy we got to sit together and it kind of cracked me up when you came in Sat AM and I saw we were next to each other, especially after our chit chatting on Friday in the store. Meant to be! Hope to see you at lots more creative events down the road.

Karen said...

Ivy, I love your pics! Thanks so much for sharing. I am glad you were at Team Karen's table - I adored meeting everyone and helping out that day!

Mario said...

What a great re-cap of the weekend and how AWESOME it was again to see you...
We had a great time at AE. Thank you for spending your weekend with us.


Deb S said...

As a fellow ATT'er I loved all these pics! My joint dream is to get to AE some time and to take a Tim class. Some day.....

MariaR said...

I'm so happy to have spent the weekend with you, Jocelyn and Donna to meet Mario and the master himself... I felt like a teenager at a rock concert. Just awesome!! Can't wait to do it again. Ivy... thank you for pre-timitizing me!

n1sunrider said...

Wow! What an overwhelming response to my artwork. Thank you all for taking the time to post a comment on my blog.
It really, REALLY means alot to me. I am honored to have you all here on "my blog" responding. Eileen wow... Inge, Hetty, PattiA, Marjie, many others who have emailed me directly, my buddies and then MARIO!! WOW! You seem to always blow me away Mario! Thank you all! As I mentioned on my blog, I have been reaching many goals that I've set for myself this year. Still a long way to go I have 8 mos left. ; )

Scrappin' Stacy said...

Thank you once agian for my wonderful Tim Pin - it is still on my apron. It was really great to meet you and put a face with the talent!

Aissa's said...

Hey Girl,
Great pictures. Looked like so much fun. All your work is AWESOME.

MommyScraps said...

Ivette, I KNOW you were in seventh heaven!! This is awesome. I'm so happy for you!!! And I know first hand having seen you in action at that Halloween layout that ALL the adulation is well deserved! Many hugs...

Monique said...

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful experience! It looks great...and I got a taste of it through your blog.