Dec 17, 2012

Connecting with Connecticut

Hello ladies and gentlemen,
As some of you know I've been wanting to do something for the kids, families and the community related and affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary School horrific shooting that took place on 12.14.12 in Newton, Connecticut.

With the help of a friend in the town of New Windsor, NY (where we reside) we are looking forward into getting the New Windsor Community Ctr. on certain dates.
My intentions are to have scrappers and friends come together as well as any boy/girl scouts, senior centers groups, basically anyone who is willing to help create and/or donate any scrapbooking paper, cardstock embellishments, etc.
We look to having these events during the school hours and weekends to accommodate as many donators and scrappers, anyone who wants to  help and participate. 
        (Everyone who donates will surely be recognized) 
I'm going at this from the heart and putting it in God's hands to motivate others.  I do not want to involve any money but I would gladly take any donations for scrapbooking items so that we can create pages to donate to these families and others in the community. 
Scrapbooking was always therapeutic and a healing process for me and I'm sure you all feel the same.
So, with a heavy and aching heart I come to you... yes, you... and I ask for your help and cooperation in helping this work out. 
So go through your stuff ladies and gentlemen and let's get this rolling!  Anyone can come and help out in creating pages at the New Windsor community center as soon as we get dates available. 
I would love this to become a success and I can only do this with the help of my friends and others who feel the same way as I do.
We're looking to begin the first weekend of January (after the holidays).
I will make all my supplies available as well as my cricut and some cartridges.  If you have supplies and would like to contribute by bringing in your personal machines to share like a cuttlebug, bis shot, embossing folders, etc. or you can begin by cutting images out on your own and then bring them to the community center that would be great!
Please let me know your thoughts, ideas, recommendations, etc.   Let me know if you can help in any other way.
We need to get organized asap.
Green and White balloons will be needed if you have any available (these are the colors of the elementary school).  We can get together on our own prior to that date if anyone likes. 
I will get dates as soon as they become officially available so please check back.
Btw, our kids. nephews and nieces can get involved, this would be good for them too. 
This is not a crop, but surely a drop of love that we can pour out to those in need of a healing process, including ourselves   who were affected by the shooting,
So push away any negative issues, vibes, etc. and let's just come together as one and do this for the sake of goodness, kindness and the positive in ourselves and in this world.
EVERYONE will be greeted and welcomed open-heartedly.
So please come help out in making this work and making our world a better place by a simple and kind act of kindness. 
If you can't make it to the center, and want to be a part of it in some way contact me privately and we'll take it from there. 
Donations for in items creating pages will be accepted and everything will be taken to the school personally.  Anyone who wants to be a part of the dropping off of the pages is welcomed to come.
Thank you all in advance and I hope to see, or hear from you soon.
Contact me at:
Here we go!!!
PS  If you have questions, contact me via email.      ;  )

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