Nov 7, 2013


Hello again!  Had to share this Frankenstien head made out of plaster from Michaels.  I've had mucho fun with this guy.  He reminds me of the Terminator with Arnold Schwarznegger.  He was first covered with metallic adhesive tape which you can find at your local Home Depot or Lowes, the roll is not cheap.  I used scissors to cut pieces of all sizes.  Then peeled the backing off each piece and began placing them on Frankie one piece at a time.
Each piece placed was smoothed out by hand at first.

As each piece went on I became better and quicker at placing them.  

An embossing tool was used to reveal the natural lines that were on his forehead.  It felt like I was in a daze as I played with Frankie. 
On the borders of each piece, used my set of metal works which has interchangeable pieces.  What fun!  I really didn't want to stop.  You can see the indentations nicely on this close up shot.
 I went over the metallic tape with some Silkes Glaze, Olive Vine and I used Marine Patina by Ranger.  Some black acrylic paint was rubbed and any excess was removed.  You can see how nicely they laid inside the cracks.   I added some lime green wire slightly twisted across his forehead and several TH Idea-ology pieces, Hitch Fasteners, Sprocket Gears, Clasps, Clock Keys, Buckles, Corners, as well as some Label Pulls that I used as eyebrows.

Using silver wire I created Frankie's 4 stitch scar.
 The backing of the eye is one of TH's Corners that I opened and flattened out.  TH Sprocket Gear was also used.  Lisa Pavelka Micro Gears placed on the eyes and nose areas was like adding a cherry on top.   Before I added any colors, I cut small pieces of screen and placed them throughout the head. 
In most of my artwork, I always try to add the color burgundy.  It's something I do in memory of my mother who passed on September 21, 1994 to breast cancer at the young age of 56, her name was Ada. 
 I painted the hair with some Folk Art Acrylic Paint named, 655 Metallic Aquamarine and then went over it with Black acrylic paint and sealed it with Mod Podge.
Threw in some black little spiders throughout the head and called it a day. 
Hope you like!  Was he yummy enough?? 
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MariaR said...

Scary!! Very interesting, lots of details. Great job!

Julie Leake said...

Frankly, im in love....!!!!! very very good job!!!love him!

Julie Leake said...

frankly I'm in love! very very good job, love him!!!!

Rena Sawatski said...

Wow, this is great Ivette! He looks like Frankenstein.

mamablitger said...

Wauwhhhhh...he is just so scary....and you are right : he looks a lot similar to Terminator. ( Schwarznegger could buy him as a selfportrait ).
Thanks a lot for sharing your art. Very interesting result. You are very talented !!!
Hugs from SPAIN

crafty-stamper said...

Absolutely brilliant love your techniques and all the fabulous details and embellishments and I agree with the above comment you are very talented--thanks for joining us at Happy Campers
Carol DT x

n1sunrider said...

Thanks everyone for all your comments!

Beth said...

This is amazing.......Love him!